Art Deco Style Coffee Table Slumped Glass 3 Sided

Art Deco Style Coffee Table Slumped Glass 3 Sided

This is an amazing example of glass art in the form of a coffee table with a modern aesthetic. The workmanship and design is comparable to none and the clean lines will work with any decor. The clever 3 sided top is geometrically balanced by the three legs, all highly polished.

The technique is called glass slumping, sometimes called warm glass or glass art, which is a form of artistic expression that uses the heat of a gas or electric kiln with kiln temperatures as high as 1700°F (926.7°C).to melt 2 or more different pieces of glass together and fuse them into 1 piece. This newly formed glass is then placed over a ceramic mold. Both are placed inside the kiln, and the kiln is fired up. As the glass turns molten, it expands and slumps into the mold. It then goes through several processes before the finished piece is released from the mold and receives its final polishing. Some glass pieces are created by allowing the newly formed glass pieces to flow over a mold, also called bending. 

Most likely this was made in Italy, possibly by Angelo Cortesi or Fiam Italia, ca. 1950's The condition is excellent with a few minor surface scratches.

30" diameter x 30" height
Item #: 3474
Price: $3,800


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