R. Hall Blue & White Transfer "Quadrupeds" Platters

R. Hall Blue & White Transfer "Quadrupeds" Platters


These extremely rare platters were made by the J. Hall Company, by brothers John and Ralph Hall, primarily marketed for the North American trade. They produced the "Quadrupeds" pattern from 1802 through 1832. Defined as "mammal with four feet" the "quadrupeds" have the deep rich blue color associated with this period and pattern. This example has an elephant in the center surrounded by 4 other groups of animals- horse, lion, leopard and moose. This extremely large and rare size is in incredible condition for it's age. It measures 19" x 14 5/8". The second platter has a rhinoceros in the center with a full-masted sailing ship in the background. This platter measures 17" x 13 1/2". Together they make an extraordinary visual grouping and their rarity cannot be underestimated.

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