A Touch of Glass

A TOUCH OF GLASS ARTICLE - As anyone who has ever watched Sex and the City knows, a well-chosen purse or the right pair of shoes can make or break the outfit. Well, the same accessorizing rules can also  apply when setting a table. While the various sizes and shapes of stemware are determined by its intended beverage - like wine, brandy, champagne, sherry, or port - there are endless styles of each from which to choose. Here are just four to consider.

For a somewhat whimsical, inventive choice, something like the Salviati hand blown Venetian goblet (pictured on the far left; circa 1900) with its pink and gold-leaf inclusions and dolphin figural connector might fit the bill ($375 each; sold only as set of 12). Next to it, front and center, is the bold, blue-colored Art Deco molded crystal goblet manufactured by the American Fry Glass Company ($300 each; sold only as a set of 12). Second from right: a clear hand-blown crystal water goblet with copper wheel-cut floral decoration, the product of Webb-Corbett (England, $350 each; sold only as set of 12). And finally, far right:a pretty-in-pink hand-blown Venetian latticino wine goblet with pink, white, and gold decoration by Salviati (circa 1920, $275 each; sold only as set of 12).

Whatever your preference or mood, keep in mind that stemware is as important a focal point on a table as china, linens, or the centerpiece itself, and that basic designs and colors from any era can be mixed harmoniously. In other words, don't be afraid to experiment! Go ahead and use glassware in unexpected and even startling combination for the very-best-dressed table. -CN